BQUADRO B2B Collaboration Platform

B2B Collaboration Platform

Supply Chain Platform

Digitize your way of doing business

BQUADRO is the B2B Collaboration platform that digitizes your way of doing business, maximizing the involvement of your entire network.

Manage the supply chain in an integrated way.

Conceived, designed, and implemented for the B2B world, it adapts to the requirements and needs of the specific company and the characteristics of its business, supporting it easily, quickly, and powerfully.

Integrable with any data source in use, it is used as the single source of truth for the entire organization, making it more agile, efficient, and lean.


Anticipate the future

Connect people, systems, and data

Break down the silos and enable an information flow capable of enhancing collaboration both within and outside the company, involving all actors in the Supply Chain:

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Adopt a solution that allows you to simplify, integrate, and automate business processes.

This way, you can make better and more informed decisions that will contribute to the success of your company.

Adopt a data-driven approach to organize marketing campaigns and set up Onboarding strategies to engage your users and encourage them to use the platform.

Sell online by offering unprecedented shopping experiences: from catalogs with many references to complex products, to availability management and sales networks.

Digitize and automate post-sales processes and transform a purchase into an opportunity to build an optimal relationship with the customer throughout the product lifecycle.

Digitize and automate order fulfillment processes, simplifying the work of human resources, allowing them to focus on strategic activities for the company’s success.

Digitize Project Management.

Adopt a shared and integrated approach, automating low-value activities.

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