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BQUADRO is a platform for managing B2B collaboration.

We target software houses, system integrators, and web agencies that want to provide value solutions to their clients.

Together, we can build a partnership whose result is greater than the sum of its parts.

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What is your preferred collaboration mode ?

Technological Partner

Companies that integrate or align with BQUADRO's technological platform to provide innovative and complementary solutions.
Strategic collaboration to develop solutions and create added value for customers
Joint promotion through events and marketing activities
Technical support and access to resources to ensure effective integration

Referral Partner

Companies that refer potential BQUADRO customers and receive a reward when these customers become software buyers.
Referral agreement that guarantees a percentage of the value of licensed contracts
On-demand support to answer questions or provide additional information
Support on the individual project to actively collaborate in closing sales

Reseller Partner

Companies actively marketing BQUADRO software, offering direct sales and support to customers.
Ongoing relationship with a dedicated support team
Profit margins on sales contracts
Customized sales materials and business support
Certification programs for personnel
Technical support during software implementation and usage

All partner's benefits


We support the marketing and sales teams of our partners with dedicated training activities and exclusive access to BQUADRO marketing materials and brochures, providing technical and sales insights.

Continuous technical support

We provide technical support to customers and partners through access to our resources, where FAQs, guides, and technical product manuals are available.

Participation in events

We organize exclusive events with and for partners, aiming to create a meeting and networking point for professionals and industry experts, thus entering our ecosystem of collaborators.

Sales support

We offer personalized consultancy to promote product understanding and effective sales, collaborating with partners to provide detailed knowledge and winning strategies.

Product roadmap collaboration

We organize working sessions with our partners to ensure continuous innovation and because BQUADRO evolves thanks to the suggestions of partners.

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Let us know what you're looking for and what you would like to find in a partner. We will find a way to meet your needs and start working together.

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