Use a shared and integrated approach to manage the backoffice activities and simplify the administrative process of your company, based on Lean Office standards

BQUADRO for the Administrative area and documentary processes

BQUADRO supports the activities of the administrative area and manages the invoicing processes, based on Lean Office standards.

BQUADRO helps you to: create cyclic invoices, recover administrative and accounting information starting from the users’ information or view archived files. These features make BQUADRO the solution that can simplify, optimize and improve the activities of the Administrative area.

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BQUADRO for the Administrative area: main features


You can optimize the planning and the management of your on order activities. Define all standard or personalized features and every related information:

  • Time tracking
  • Documents
  • KPI and performance indicators
  • Budget and prices

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invoices management


You can simplify and digitalize the invoicing process and you can optimize the activities of the human resources. You can manage the deadlines and create invoices by the orders to share all documents with all users!

  • Creation of the invoices by the orders
  • Deadline management
  • Easy to use


Simplify the document management process and optimize the human resources activities!

  • Recurrent invoicing management
  • Share and digital archive of the documents
  • Automated document management

document management