BQUADRO B2B Collaboration Platform

BQUADRO and its integrations

Make it easy

BQUADRO integrates with any software you are already using in your company, and you don’t need to enter data that is already present in other databases.

Integration goes hand in hand with

Removal of manual errors

You don’t need to insert data of other database and you reduce the time and the resources used for this activity. In this way, you reduce errors and blunders.

Custom workflow

The synchronization helps you to work in a better way. You decide the frequency of the synchronization and which data will be synchronized, depending on your needs.

Safe synchronization

The data synchronization between BQUADRO and other software happens through protected and controlled protocols, to guarantee stability and safety.

Single data source

If you use a single data source, you remove the risk of mismatch among the information and you guarantee shared and available data.


The engine of the synchronization

The SyncAgent permits the integration with all kind of business software, for example:

Installed in the company, where it is possible to access local software, it establishes a “secure” bridge between the cloud version of BQUADRO and the software, enabling synchronization.

The SyncAgent also constantly monitors the status of synchronizations and provides notifications via email, SMS, Slack, etc.

BQUADRO Integrations

ERP Software
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Other integrations
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If you haven't found your software...

You can contact us if you want to synchronize BQUADRO with a specific software!
Our development team realize custom synchronizations to guarantee the best efficiency for your company!

Would you like to use BQUADRO in your company?

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