The platform to manage the B2B Supply Chain

The success of the companies is based on their level of collaboration. If the accessibility to professional, organizational and social knowledge becomes simply, intuitive and shared, companies can respond to a dynamic and demanding business.

BQUADRO means simplification of the processes that slow down the work of the human resources, waste time and financial resources.

Every business process can be improved: from the invoicing to the management of the sales network, from the marketing to the sale of complex products, from the after sales to the spare parts management.

BQUADRO is the solution for thebusiness Collaboration B2B that simplify the most critical processes of the companies.
It’s a platform designed for the management of the Supply Chain and it’s based on the company’s needs and on the features of every business.

It can be integrated with all software and width all kind of data source. BQUADRO can introduce innovation and technology into many organizations and embodies the Digital Transformation of companies.

BQUADRO means process simplification

Analyze the habits of your users to provide custom and dynamic purchasing experiences, start marketing campaigns and User Adoption ones!
Manage your sales network, sell your products online, also with the product configurator and specific models to create custom product!
With BQUADRO, you can manage the product lifecycle in all phases and optimize the Customer Experience of your products and services!
Use BQUADRO to integrate the fulfillment’s processes, as the activities calendar, the tracking of the orders, the management of the shipment and the stockpile!
Manage the main backoffice activities: from the invoices to the depreciations, from the customs documents used to the returns and the credit invoices!

BQUADRO is design for:

He views his orders and customers, monitor his most relevant KPI (budget, ordered products, revenue, etc.) in the dashboard and manages all offer with an email acceptance.
He uses BQUADRO for his customers to confirm the sale of a serial by activating the warranty of a specific product, to make orders, send and manage RMA, etc.
store marketing
He manages the catalogues with: description and technical details, multimedia (certifications, variants, relationships, etc.), storages, prices and lists.
marketing manager
He can analyze the habits of customers to customize the purchasing experience related to his products and services.
responsabile logistico
He creates shipping documents, manages removal orders and all activities related with shipment and logistics management.


BQUADRO integrates with the majority of software and technologies to guarantee a stable and updated and sharing of data.