BQUADRO B2B Collaboration Platform

We design, develop, and communicate valuable technological solutions

ST Srl

We consolidate high-level innovation projects to ensure companies competitiveness and relevance in their sector

We are a Digital Company that, for over 10 years, has been assisting businesses in their Digital Transformation journey.

The knowledge and experiences we have accumulated in the B2B sector allow us to approach projects with a cross-cutting perspective, capable of supporting any type of company in renewing their business model.

Our working method is based on continuous collaboration with both the partner and the client because only in this way can we develop projects with high added value.


ST - not just a software house!

Our passion for the digital world and experience in B2B have led us to explore and understand the various facets of the business universe, grasping its complexity and designing pathways to achieve objectives.

Therefore, we provide specific services and products to support each business area.

Our Business Lines

Web Engineering Delivered, we create and support companies in their Digital Marketing projects

We design and develop BQUADRO, the B2B collaboration platform that digitizes the way of doing business

We design and develop 2EASY.platform, the platform for managing the company’s production system

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