Manage the entire lifecycle of the product and of the spare parts and optimize the Customer Experience of your products

BQUADRO for the After Sales process

BQUADRO is the solution that allows the company to digitalize the main after sales activities and to maintain a great relationship with the customers even in stress situations.

You can request a spare part, renew the product warranties and licenses and accelerate the procedures for the change of the ownership of the products. These are the main activities that the companies have to manage every day.

If these processes are automated and if the customer/user can monitor the assistance request, the After Sales process becomes the best occasion to improve the relationship between the company and the customer.

after sales

BQUADRO for the After Sales process: main features

gesione RMA


Simplify the RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) request and management. Remove the bureaucratic paper steps and adopt a digital and shared management (as the request for a replacement, the order of the news item, etc.).

  • Removal of the bureaucratic steps
  • Printing of the label used to return of the package
  • Monitor of the RMA status


Manage your serials (with renewal of the warranties), the (un)scheduled maintenance), the change of ownership of the item, the technical datasheets and the background documents.

  • Management of the (un)scheduled maintenance
  • Renewal of the warranty
  • Dealer management (disposal to other: end-user or intermediary)

serials, warranties and change of ownership

spare parts


You can surprise your customers by providing an excellent After Sales service. For example, when a user needs to request a replacement of a specific spare part, he can search it by using a table with an exploded view, he can select the correct item and order it quickly.

  • Spare parts interface by an exploded view
  • Spare parts research by models or serials
  • Recognition of out of production items