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The first B2B Ecommerce platform with integrated WMS

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Adopt a B2B ecommerce solution that can be seamlessly integrated with the company’s information system, providing your customers with a Customer Experience and a level of service beyond all expectations.

Sell your products online and establish an automated sales flow that takes into consideration the needs of all involved parties: customers, sales force, and commercial back office.

A win-win approach where Customer Experience transforms into a seamless journey at every stage of the purchasing process, maximizing the performance of sellers, and managing Commercial Office operations in a shared and collaborative manner.

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Must have

Product configator and selector

Selectors and configurators 2D and 3D

Organize your B2B e-commerce on the structure of your product catalogue

Manage any type of product, whether they are customizable items, items with limited information, or those with tens/hundreds of features.

Product selectors are used when, starting from a model, the buyer needs to choose the variant that best reflects their needs (e.g., colors and sizes).

On the other hand, product configurators are used to create the configuration of a model and allow for designing a 100% personalized and unique product.

configuratore di prodotto
UX Omnichannel


catalogo prodotti
Product Catalogues

Insert products into one or more arbitrarily groupable catalogues, forming price lists with different availabilities and pricing rules. The agent views their catalogue and customized items for each individual registry and accesses product information. The commercial back office manages catalogues and products, and for each item, it can specify attributes that govern search, selectors, and configurators. Each buyer quickly finds the product they need and purchases it smoothly.

tipologie di prodotti
Product types

Set up your ecommerce by adopting the structure of your real catalogue and start selling online. You can use different types of items: regular products, configurable from models/variants, or 100% custom products that generate production orders. This way, you can offer your customer exactly what they are looking for and provide them with the opportunity to purchase what they need without leaving the platform and without intermediaries.

pagamento online
Online payment

Orders placed on BQUADRO can be paid directly on the platform, and during the checkout phase, the customer can choose which payment gateway to use. The commercial back office can configure different payment methods and define the rules for enabling them, such as setting minimum and maximum amounts, enabling installment payments online, defining customer types, and order types that govern the various payment methods. Moreover, in more complex scenarios, advances, installments, deadlines, and balances with different payments can be managed.

ordini B2B
Ordini B2B

Manage any type of order from any channel. Your customer can access the product's technical documentation and purchase it with the certainty that it is exactly what they need. Whether on the go or on the computer, they can create and manage multiple carts simultaneously, to be converted into orders at a later time. Thus, even companies that need confirmation from multiple decision-makers before confirming an order can handle the process on the platform and define authorization and order validation procedures that automate bureaucratic steps, eliminate the use of paper, and streamline activities that cause slowdowns and inefficiencies.

gestione rete vendita
Sales network management

Simplify the management of the corporate sales network (including international) by allowing salespeople and agents to access the platform in a personalized way according to their needs. Each agent has access to specific catalogues and price lists, views users under their management, consults documents within their competence, and places orders on behalf of their clients, proposing tailored discounts and promotions. With BQUADRO App, the agent efficiently manages orders and contacts from a mobile device, even when working in the field, optimizing their time and increasing productivity.


Propose personalized discounts and promotions to be sent to one or more customers in a structured, collaborative, and dynamic manner. Set up automations and launch customized campaigns for individual customers or leads, notifying them of a special promotion reserved for them, valid for a specific period on a selected range of items. At any time, the commercial back office monitors the progress of the promotion and the performance of each sent campaign, in order to identify the most appreciated promotions by customers and devise increasingly effective sales strategies.

richiesta di quotazione
Request for quotation

In specific situations, your customer may need to receive the product within special delivery times or in quantities currently not available or too high, or they may have constraints on the maximum price. In these cases, they can send you a request for a quote directly from the product details, where they can specify the details of their needs. When the commercial back office receives the RFQ (Request for Quotation), they can either independently send the offer or prepare and send it directly from the platform.

BQUADRO mobile app

Agents, sales representatives, and all those working in the field can use the platform through a native app. Accessible from any device, it transforms agents' outings into real opportunities to close sales in a flexible and dynamic way, providing customers with an excellent and unexpected level of service. Even on the go, the salesperson can respond in real-time to doubts and questions from their client regarding products, prices, and availability, and can also collect orders in the field.

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