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Automated data-driven marketing

One-to-one Data-driven Automated | Marketing Strategy

Adopt a data-driven and automated approach to manage your company’s marketing plan and achieve your goals.

Create campaigns that meet the needs of leads and customers in various stages of the marketing funnel, and maintain a strong relationship with your contacts through one-to-one communications.

From designing email campaigns to help users become familiar with the platform, to promotional campaigns for product sales, and to sending periodic communications to schedule machinery maintenance or warranty renewals.

Must have

User Adoption & Engagement

Marketing Automation
Platform Onboarding

Guide novice users in getting acquainted with the platform’s key features through the receipt of notifications and communications that can assist them in completing specific operations.

Thanks to the knowledge base and the option to submit support requests, even users who haven’t accessed the platform for a while can learn to use it to its full potential and receive assistance when needed. Additionally, their User Experience is supported by guided tours that can be activated at any time to help them perform specific operations more effectively.

deal management

Strategic and  Operational Marketing

BQUADRO Marketing



Organize the company database, centralize crucial information, automatically profile personal data, and focus on important activities and the creation of one-to-one campaigns.

deal management

Deal Management

Digitize the management of deals through a Sales Pipeline, allowing you to monitor and organize negotiations, handle urgencies and priorities collaboratively and collectively, even in the most complex cases.



Analyze the data from each campaign and every action carried out on the platform, identify successes and inefficiencies, pinpoint weaknesses, and optimize your strategy consciously.

marketing automation

Marketing automation

Automate every valueless action and focus on strategic marketing activities. Create automatic and intelligent campaigns capable of delivering the right message to the right person at the right time.

email marketing

Email marketing

Design segmented and personalized email marketing campaigns for target audiences and content. Develop a strategy for sending transactional emails to users who perform specific actions on the platform.

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