BQUADRO B2B Collaboration Platform

BQUADRO Fulfillment

Order Management

Improve the service level order management customer relations

Digitize and automate activities related to order processing, streamlining the work of individuals who can focus on truly important tasks.

Implement a strategy that enables you to automate critical operations, eliminate repetitive tasks, and track order progress.

Manage orders and shipments through visual Kanban boards, monitor the workflow queue, and allow your customers to track the progress of their orders whenever they wish.

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Must have

BQUADRO Carriers

Collaboration Platform
All shipments on one platform

Manage all shipments from a single dashboard and streamline operational tasks related to courier management

BQUADRO Fulfillment
Order Fulfillment

BQUADRO Fulfillment

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Order Management

Digitize order processing, thanks to integration with other departmental and dropshipping software. Monitor the process with a visual Kanban and set up approval workflows for quotes, orders, and invoices.

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Warehouse Management

Thanks to an integrated WMS , you can manage the physical flows passing through the warehouse, from incoming goods control to shipment preparation. It also integrates with the management software and other storage and handling systems.

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Shipping Management

Display the shipment progress status in a single dashboard. Integrated with major couriers, configure shipment details (real-time, at predefined cutoffs, or manually), print documents and the loading manifest, and receive the tracking code from the carrier.

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Job Orders Management

From the initial estimate to the final reporting, organize the activities and operations of the team using visual Kanban boards that allow you to monitor the real-time progress of the project, verify the achievement of objectives, and track costs and budget.

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