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Lean Office

All the benefits of a Digital Office Collaboration a Shared Environment

Digitize low-value tasks and adopt a shared, integrated approach to managing office tasks.

Automate less critical operations and maximize the value of your human resources.

The office transforms into a digital workplace, where collaboration and the sharing of documents and tasks optimize work as a whole.

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BQUADRO Project Management

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Efficient Project Management

Manage projects and plan the work of the entire team by centralizing information in one place.

task management
Office Management & HR

BQUADRO Digital Office

miglioramento continuo
Continuous improvement

Set up visual Kanban boards to be used in different processes: approval flow management, project monitoring, billing management, and business negotiations.

time tracking
Time tracking

Plan the work of resources and track their operations in a shared calendar. View the team's activities on a single dashboard, monitoring the workload and organizing urgencies and unforeseen events.

firme digitali
Firme digitali

Digitally sign any type of document, whether from a desktop or a mobile app, and streamline the authorization processes that require multiple interactions. The goal? Reduce energy, time, and paper waste.

business process management
Business Process Management

Monitor the progress of processes through visual kanban. Simplify workflows, boost productivity and competitiveness, embrace a collaborative philosophy, and adopt a flexible organizational structure.

Document Management

Organize various types of documents and set up different document workflows for each type of order. Define approval processes and automate the document creation, integrable from external sources and through various channels.

gestione fatturazione
Digital Invoicing

Centralize the creation and issuance of invoices for activities carried out on projects, contracts, subscriptions, delivery notes, and expenses. Validate documents, perform cash checks, bank reconciliation, and manage the deadline schedule.

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