Ordinary products, configurable by models/variants or 100% customized products: discover all the types of assets available on BQUADRO and organize your B2B e-commerce on the real structure of your product catalog.
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Product selector

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Product configurator

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Product configurator 3D

Product Selector and Product Configurator: features and differences

Let us take care of your B2B e-commerce to structure a product catalog that can answer any type of question.

  • Product configurator: allows the customer to create a product from scratch, 100% custom
  • Product selector: allows the customer to select one of the variants of the basic model

The configurators or selectors can also be set individually. Upon request, the BQUADRO development team can design and implement custum configuartors or selectors to meet the needs.

product configurator


The configurator allows you to meet customer specifications because it creates products "from scratch". Configurable products are 100% custom products, non-existent before the choices made by the buyer (for this they have a unique code) and highly customizable.

Starting from a model (in the example, the sports car) it is possible for the buyer to create their own configuration choosing from the proposed options (body color, side mirrors, wheels,...).

There are different types of configurators

  • 3D configurator
  • Configurator for questions
  • Advanced configurator/Technical configurator


The product selector offers the buyer the possibility to choose, on the basis of a predetermined model, one of its variants. In other words, in the product selector each base model has its own product code and a series of existing variants with their respective associated codes.

The selector can be set with:

  • Comparative selector where you can set attributes such as (color, size, brand, height,.) with which to narrow the search field and immediately view the available variants;
  • Base selector where you can view a single convenient interface that directly shows the available variants and related information (size, colors, availability, price and discounts, if the product is on promotion, types of packaging available).

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